georgetown on the rails

Last Friday morning Oliver and I went for a walk in Georgetown, one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods and nowadays a hipster enclave of artists, craftspersons and cleverly named brick-fronted stores nestled amidst heavy industry at the north end of Boeing Field. There’s an overpass (Airport Way South) just north out of the neighborhood that offers a good northwesterly look at the rails (though I have a feeling Fourth Avenue South by Costco might be better for this type of vantage). The rails were rather emptied out this particular morning because apparently a train derailed south of Olympia on Thursday after a humongous slug slimed its way over the tracks and made a mess of things. There were no injuries, thank god. But investigators are having a heck of a time figuring out why the anti-slugslime rail detection system didn’t kick in. Some are suspecting the Heartbleed virus had something to do with it. Like everything these days, the detection system is controlled remotely by computer and the analysts are sitting behind a monitor someplace like a suburban Illinois strip mall office complex which may be sandwiched between a self-serve yogurt shop and a crummy Jo-Ann Fabrics.

At any rate, engineers on an Amtrak and a freight train waved up to Oliver and I. We could see them through their tiny little windows! And why do they make those train windows so small for the engineers? They look really cozy in there. For the longest time, we watched a solitary welder doing work outside on a container trailer, in the Union Pacific yard, like the trailers you see in this picture. After our walk I took Oliver to Oxbow Park to see good old Hat ‘n Boots. Last time I was here was after Adam and I toured the nearby steam plant for fun. So it had been awhile. At the park I stepped in a very Saint Bernard ‘n fresh pile of dog poop right in the middle of when I was taking a video of Oliver for my mom. Georgetown hates me. So Oliver and I went for a long walk in the neighborhood expressly for the purpose of dab-stepping the bottom of my shoes in curbside puddles, I didn’t want to foul the car up. If there’s any silver lining to stepping in dog shit, it’s that the long walk was quite enjoyable and Oliver used up even more energy to ensure a sound Friday afternoon nap which is always a wonderful way to cap the week. On the way home, Oliver ate nearly an entire package of graham crackers (he calls them cookies) but fortunately they were the healthy kind (albeit, featuring no taste).

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