the unfurling of the hosta

This is a hosta off my back porch when it was still just an itty-bitty, tucked-in cutie. Now it’s a giantess! There’s a little salal in the foreground to the right. Some stray english ivy behind the hosta, I’ve been meaning to move that ivy to a patch in the front yard where I want it to climb up the front of the house. Those are some left-over clay bricks from my front porch walkway experiment. And the moss. The moss always grows great here.

Oliver and I picked up some more dirt this morning and rolled around in it for a couple hours before lunchtime. It was pretty warm out, in the mid 70s F. Slather on the sunscreen! Oliver and I looked like greased pigs. Breaded greasy pigs, I might add. Going to be a sweaty walk up the hill for Adam this afternoon so he can ride his bike home from school. The sunshine has been so glorious, though.

This is the kind of shooting I probably most love to do, maybe it’s why I’ve been stuck (happily) in place the last few years with my photography. Puttering with the boys on the back porch. Pulling out a solitary weed. Propping up a brick so Oliver can shout “Lowly Worm, Lowly Worm, Lowly Worm!” for the entire neighborhood to hear. Maybe I’m just drunk with the beautifulness of Spring, I dunno. Jack up the ISO to a thousand, open up that fucker, strain a bit to focus and let the shutter fly……..

3 thoughts on “the unfurling of the hosta

  1. I’m also drunk here on spring. After this past winter I have been especially fond of the color green hence my love for this hosta/moss shot! I miss playing in the dirt and bike rides with the kids. Jack just returned home from NIU for the summer and we will be down at U of I this Saturday to watch Emma’s MSW graduation. I know I have said it to you a hundred times but soak this time up—they grow up too damn fast!

  2. I agree with that guy…haha. I have a teenager and it seems like just yesterday he was a baby, showing me how to love life and live in the moment. Bask in the preciousness of these years of being a Dad. We can all take photographs all our lives (and, btw, limitations in locale can breed great creativity) but those precious little beings we call children, grow up and leave. And we’ll still be shooting long after. Enjoy!!…. Spring and fatherhood! šŸ™‚

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