let the soaring heights inspire thee even when thou must diggeth out a dirty dead rat from underneath a garden shed (anonymous)

I’m quite certain it’s probably a dead rat. It’s a dead something and it’s spawning almost as many flies as our next door neighbors’ chicken coop in the middle of August on a 90 degree day. I may tackle the problem this evening, just to not have it looming over me. I could live with the smell alone, although it turned my stomach a couple times this morning when I had to go inside the shed to get a tool or somesuch and I have a fairly strong stomach for gross smells. But the flies, the damn dirty flies. You can’t help but look at them and think ew, that gross little bugger was a maggot cuddling on a milky, gooey corpse a few hours ago.

Our stretch of sunny, very warm weather is about to end. It has already cooled off ten degrees, today. Scattered showers this weekend. I’m thinking of taking Adam up to the North Cascades for an easygoing walk but I’m not sure, yet.

This is a view from a mountain in the Cascade range that we can see from our house. The incredible haze you see is a combination of rain moving in that morning along with the lingering effects of wildfire that occurred that summer. At first I was disappointed at the atmospheric soupiness, but as the morning wore on I realized I was rather lucky to experience the odd, surreal panorama before me.

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