14 miles

Adam rode his bike 14 miles tonight, the entire length of the Sammamish River Trail and part of the Burke Gilman! Bike riding is easy, you can go forever compared to walking. But still, I’m very proud of him. He’s six years old on a bike with one gear and the seat is too low (he finally agrees with me the seat is too low, we’ll adjust it before he rides again and he’s going to be amazed how much stronger he feels on the pedals). I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t riding my bike 14 miles when I was six years old. At any rate, the end of our ride was Third Place Books up in Lake Forest Park, a good thing because we were both starting to kvetch about sore butts! I let Adam pick out any books he wanted as a reward for his riding. Among a few other titles I found, I got him a set of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think we’ll start some after we finish the Wizard of Oz. We’ve read an abridged version of Wizard of Oz, but right now we’re in the middle of the unabridged story and this time Adam is knocking out several pages per chapter as part of his reading practice. He’s reading very smoothly and even with the occasional pizazz, I’m delighted about this. It had been a while since I looked around at Third Place Books…..I forgot how much I love this bookstore. I wish it wasn’t so far out of the city. It’s a fun place to look for children’s books, you can find some great old classics since there are used books mixed in with new stuff.

One thought on “14 miles

  1. 14 miles is very impressive no matter the age! Not sure I could make it more than a couple in my current shape. I wish I was more of a reader… Donna and the kids are constantly talking about books. Donna pounds out about 3-4 book per month. She knows where all the used book stores are in the Midwest and weekend adventures often lead us to a dusty old store where she manages somehow to find 2-3 old Pulitzer prize winners and then obnoxiously brag that she spent less than $2 for her treasures.

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