but there’s a monster in all of us

Gained nearly 5,000 feet of elevation on Saturday while exploring a delightfully rainshadowy part of the Cascades. Struggling to not faint from being 40 years old, I cinched my backpack so hard around my waist I think I gave myself a hernia. Either that or I’m going to have a baby. And no doubt it will be a monster. This is why men tend to avoid going to the doctor. My outlook improved considerably when a little baby chipmunk apparently on his vision quest to prove his worthiness as a full-fledged alpine rodent absolutely charmed me repeatedly trying to steal my lunch. He was the smallest non-dwarf chipmunk I’ve ever seen. God, you just had to be there!

Then Sunday, I did my best to be a sports-loving American and took Adam to a baseball game. I personally love every inning of the most boring game in existence outside of curling or golf because it jives with my personality but I knew something was up in Busytown when Adam and his mom left for the concourse in search of some goodies and didn’t come back for several innings. Rascals! Nevertheless, we came together as a family in the last inning as we breathed a sigh of relief at the final out and walked out of the stadium united in our collective euphoria at renewed blood circulation in our asses. Baseball fever……..catch it!

I saw this under the bridge in Schmitz Park last month.

One thought on “but there’s a monster in all of us

  1. Nice flick – is POE KYT DTC, a real old and thoughtful graffiti head from SEA/PDX. The character is named Pitchin’ Woo… the ‘monster’ text is someone else’s addition.

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