poodle on a paddleboard

Adam and I kayaked for a few hours on a warm, breezy Saturday night. My boat partner was feeling pretty mellow after having spent the morning at the Woodland Park Zoo with Oliver and grandma so I let him lash his paddle to the side of the boat and zone out. He really enjoyed seeing the sights, waterside.

I’d hoped to do some semi-serious shooting of a ship I’ve spied in dry-dock but the light wind made it tricky to get the angles I wanted. Got a chuckle when we crossed paths with this paddleboarder and her poodle by Gas Works park.  I don’t mind little poodles (perhaps I’m partial to runts since we have a pug) but standard poodles have always grated on me, the way they majestically prance around with their fancy, pretty haircuts. We passed by a wedding ceremony being held right at water’s edge in Gas Works, on the concrete promenade. The party was in the process of exchanging their vows literally within feet of us. This continues a trend I’ve noticed the past couple years of the city renting out various small sections of the park for private functions……. it’s a practice that does not sit right with me at all. Especially not on summer weekends, for god’s sake.

I was pooped after a long day of chores and being out in the sun but I still got my butt ready in time for the 9:00 PM ferry to Bainbridge, and I spent the night on the Olympic Peninsula.  Walked the steep-but-delightful trail up Dirtyface Ridge early Sunday morning. It was a good weekend.

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