a black bear meandering the slopes above silver creek

I’m partial to this shot from last weekend on Dirtyface Ridge even though it’s not particularly good (I was using a tripod but shooting near the end of my 70-200’s good range). The sun was coming in and out over Mt. Townsend as I made my way down and I liked the sort of stair-stepping pattern of the emerald forest here. I got a little splash of sun but I wish I’d gotten just a tad more!

I’m most of all fond of this image because when I was taking it a black bear was browsing her way up the mountainside. I never would’ve spotted this critter had I not lugged my binoculars-like 70-200 along for the walk! It was initially how I spotted her, through my viewfinder. I always try to take the time to stop and patiently observe when I’m someplace such as this with a good view of backcountry because in the Olympics the odds are often in your favor for a wildlife sighting. A big smile spread across my face when I saw black bear taking her sweet time uphill. She’s practically less than a pin-point here so the story’s really the thing, but in case you’re curious she’s in the upper-left corner of the frame in the little u-shaped gap between the trees (directly below the solitary snag). Can’t find her, can you? Haha! At any rate, I don’t know if the valley down there has a proper name but it’s the drainage for Silver Creek.

4 thoughts on “a black bear meandering the slopes above silver creek

  1. And here I thought there was either crap on my monitor or a strange black pixel in the upper part of the frame. 🙂

    • Nope, your monitor is fine! Speaking of which, I count myself lucky that I’ve never had any sort of issue with pixels such as that. Hope Amanda’s ankle is doing better, I need to get the updated report.

      Thanks Shari. I always wonder just how these images might look on other peoples’ computer monitors, the way I make them display.

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