minus tide

The boys and I spent the entire day on the whulge for a minus tide, Friday. Not the most thrillingly low minus tide, but at least good enough to get us interesting places and introduce Oliver to the geoduck (the writhing of which caused him to shriek in terror at the first one we encountered……I knew we shouldn’t have tormented him with the smelly decapitated crab pincers).

This is where we had lunch. The boys had fun running around here, exploring leftover debris from the 1996 slide that took six homes. Most of the same stuff is here from years past, but for some reason it looked different to me and apparently there are still regular slides here each year. Or maybe it’s just that the graffiti has changed.

This is a fascinating little tide pool you’ve got, above. I have to go back in my catalog because I don’t remember this feature from previous visits. At any rate, I stupidly dropped one of Oliver’s beachcombing treasures (a golf ball) in here to demonstrate its floatability. And guess what you knucklehead, jason? Golf balls do not float! A ticked off eel-like creature poked his head out of a hole, clearly upset with the disturbance in his neighborhood. And there were several urchin-like spiky spheres that gave me the shivers. Adam matter-of-factly pointed out since I’d so nonchalantly tossed the ball in, it was only fair I could nonchalantly fish the sucker out. I managed to get it out but not before first poking it over to the least booby-trapped-looking spot in the little pool. I know it doesn’t look like it here, but it is just spooky in there. This is in the city, don’t forget. Tide pools of this sort are so full of arsenic and penicillin, there’s no telling what has gotten spawned.

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