boat trouble

This isn’t a terribly recent picture (from March) but it’s not completely random, as tonight Adam and I rode bikes on the Burke-Gilman to Gas Works on Lake Union to see how preparations were going for tomorrow night’s fourth of July festivities. The park was abuzz with catering trucks and tent scaffolding. We lounged on Kite Hill for a spell and it was nice though Adam was a little disappointed he couldn’t roll downhill (too many goose turds right now). The sponsorship for the fireworks show has changed the past few years so they don’t have the humongous inflatable Statue of Liberty head on Kite Hill anymore, which leaves something of a void in my holiday psyche. I’m really on the fence about where I’ll take Adam for fireworks tomorrow night. I don’t think I want to be at Gas Works. South Lake Union Park is a little closer to home (long walking distance) but I don’t know what the scene is like there, especially in this day-and-age of in that area. I have a feeling beer tents and reserved seating are probably in the picture there. We may just stroll to someplace on the edge of the neighborhood to watch……

It was an eventful-and-tiring week with both of the boys, one of the few weeks of the summer we weren’t able to schedule some sort of day-camp for Adam. Adam and Oliver play great together (Adam is a loving, attentive big brother) but the age difference between them gets increasingly magnified after approximately four hours and I find my parenting skills tested. Adam has been zoning out a lot to Yukon Ho!, a collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics, for his principal Oliver Fern-escape. He’s becoming a big-time bookworm more and more every day, the transformation has been unbelievable to me (i love it) and it feels like one of my first big-time parenting successes.

I took the boys up to the Cascades yesterday for an easy hike to a popular sub-alpine lake I’d never visited…. we clumsily bushwhacked through alder and enormous skunk cabbage to the quietest corner of the lake basin and the boys skinny-dipped to their heart’s content.

Adam is staying up too late again tonight, but it’s for a good cause. He’s helping his mama bake Oliver’s fourth of July birthday cake…….

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