happy fourth of july (birthday) from pancho, roxy and karla

We ventured downtown with the boys this morning for a ride on the waterfront ferris wheel to commemorate Oliver Fern’s second birthday and take Adam to Magic Mouse (his prize for winning the Logging Truck game a couple of weeks ago on our way down to Cannon Beach). Oliver and I crossed paths with these banditos not too far from the ferry terminal. The waterfront is touristy and schlocky and it’s not as though I didn’t notice the occasional smirk as I stationed myself for silly pictures of this and that dumbstuff but as a local once in a while I enjoy the hubbub down there, maybe it stems mostly from my love of people-watching. We did look like uncultured tourists by Seattle standards I suppose, with our balloon animals. The boys had themselves a good time, though Oliver got downright incorrigible at one point (he’s at that wildhorses-can’t-be-tamed age) and he even irritated a few homeless people trying sleep on nearby park benches. Adam never had the terrible twos but I don’t know if things are going to be quite the same with spicy Oliver.

I think Adam and I’ll just station ourselves on the edge of Capitol Hill somewhere for the fireworks, I don’t feel like turning tonight into a major expedition. A few more years I’ll be overrruled…….

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