indian paintbrush-eating fuzzy marmots and Rizzy Rick

Adam and I spent a long day at Mount Rainier (Oliver stayed home) on this Friday. I’m proud of Adam, he hiked nearly nine miles and gained a couple thousand ankle-twisty feet of elevation. In the evening we trudged happily and wearily (so much of that mountain air and sun) over pumice and snow, taking frequent breaks to throw snowballs at each other. Then, an Indian Paintbrush-gobbling marmot with a bright frosted coat gave us convenient long pause for resting our sore, crampy feet. We were mesmerized as this fellow ate the flowers in a most peculiar hurried fashion, flowers were there and then they were simply gone. Like most burly marmots in the National Park, he stood confidently for inspection with his glassy teddy bear eyes reflecting the snows behind us and we bid him farewell.

On the way home in the car Adam fell asleep to the infuriatingly nice guy play-calling of Rick Rizz. The Mariners have opened the second half of the Major League Baseball season with a series against the Orange County Angels. Once upon a time I loved the heck out of Rick Rizz, I’m not sure when I turned against him but tonight I forgave him for just awhile because he soothed Adam to sleep with the familiar serene boredom of a late-July baseball game on the radio and helped me relax just enough through the dusky drive back into Puget Sound City.

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