sylvan sol duc

My friend Lance, a Bremerton-based photographer, brought me up to Sol Duc a couple weeks ago so we could spend a leisurely Sunday shooting around the woods. This place holds special personal meaning for him and he’d been excited about bringing me here. I always figured my first time passing through would be on my way to High Divide, but it was better this way.  If you’re a shutterbug, there are lots of lovely nooks and crannies you can steal away to.

I’m rusty as heck when it comes to longer timed exposures so the day was a struggle for me. Even though it’s autumn and the volume of water flowing down the mountains is relatively low (obviously this changes with the big storms heralding winter’s arrival), I still was really challenged by the contrast between the brightness of the water in the most scenic spillways and the darkness of the surrounding woods. The shot above is a twenty second exposure of a little spillway in the forest above the Sol Duc. I took it with one hand holding an umbrella above the camera. Speaking on strictly an artistic basis, the image below may not necessarily offer a lot but it has still always been really enjoyable for me seeing the effects of a longer exposure on a smaller slice of a larger scene. And let’s face it, sometimes you do get lucky and find you’ve created something special through a beautiful abstraction. I arranged my depth of field here the way I did in the hopes of smearing the water downstream even smoother, but part of me likes what I ended up with.

Did I mention, this was a ridiculously slippery place to shoot? Sheesh!

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