taiga of the sawblade

Last month we took the boys for a long walk in the woods along the South Fork Stillaguamish River and this is one of my favorite images from that outing, featuring a rusty artifact along the old Everett and Monte Cristo Railway grades. There was a certain degree of difficulty here owing to my nearly two and a half year old in the backpack carrier, he’s a big lad (40 pounds) for his age. I’ve had certain frustrations shooting lately so it’s flummoxing as ever when I get a rewarding, serendipitous shot such as this. I knew I had the workings for something interesting but I was struggling to get the angle of reflected light just so on the blade. I’d already bumped up the ISO on my stalwart D700 and this is wide open. So when a little bit of late-day sun filtered through the dark woods to significantly enhance what I was after, I excitedly shot away!

Continuous high speed mode and autofocus so I’d be assured of at least one nice frame, in the event Oliver Fern jiggled himself to get a better look at the going-ons. Obviously, I wish I could have been shooting off a tripod with a timer. But beggars can’t be choosers!

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