foggy afternoon on staircase rapids

The image below is from a recent walk with one of my boys along the North Fork Skokomish River in the Olympic Mountains (southeastern part of the range). We picked an awfully dreary day to head up there, which I was actually thankful for at the very time of this shot. It’s a W-NW orientation and the image doubtlessly would’ve been blown-out trouble (well, at least in my hands) in the sky had there been clearer conditions. The fog had dropped very heavily shortly before this. At any rate, it was some wonderful quiet woods-walking except when the river was blasting out our eardrums! On the way home we listened to Steve Raible and Warren Moon call the first half of the Seahawks/Panthers game. This is a thirty second exposure with a six stop neutral density filter. I could’ve composed better but I had a seven year-old with me. Gotta set a good example and not do fuckin’ dangerous rock-hopping in front of the boy……..

Speaking of walks, to cap today off Oliver Fern and I went for a long walk before dusk over Capitol Hill. En route he announced henceforth my name shall be Xanadu Gumpy (he cleverly cobbled the name together from two recent stories) and I have to say it’s starting to grow on me. Our walk was exceedingly pleasant on this night of crocuses and graveled alleyways except for the profoundly mentally disturbed man across from Seattle Central Community College convulsing with wretched, window-shattering screams and clumsy air-boxing. He passed within a few feet of us but Oliver didn’t start crying until the fellow mounted the trash can at the cross-walk and commenced a rant about invisible walls. I was able to reassure Oliver after just a moment. Nevertheless, several times this evening at home he brought up the subject of the angry, scary man for family discussion. God help the angry, scary man find some kind of peace……

6 thoughts on “foggy afternoon on staircase rapids

  1. Hi Viktor, thanks for taking the time to stop by. To answer your question: It was both dark and I used an ND filter. I could have gotten away without using a filter and still come away with a longer exposure given the conditions but I liked the idea of matching the foreground with the sky, as it were.

  2. Absolutely beautiful capture, Jason! So nice to see your images and narratives on your blog and flickr again. I truly enjoy your work! I’m deep in a creative winter rut… What I would give for a hike in the Olympic Mountains rather than this single digit nightmare here in Ill-annoy.

  3. Lovely photo! And too bad the scary guy was so disturbing, but I guess it’s an opportunity for a lesson about…well, about some people being very unhappy, and how we wish the mental health system was better supported, and how stigma creates these terrible imbalances between medical and psychiatric care, and good luck putting that into understandable language!

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