on dropping perfectly good slices of opal apple at Pike Place Market……

So exhausted was I last night after a long day of walking in ferocious cold wind on a ridge high above the Sol Duc Valley, Adam lay beside me in bed with Jeff Smith’s Bone and I told him it was fine if he read ahead ONLY another chapter (he was pretty danged sneaky this weekend and is on something like page 798 while I’m still on chapter 4) and then get himself to his own haystack. Within moments I drifted off to sleep. Come to find out this morning, he was discovered reading next to me (sleeping loudly) at the witching hour of 10:30 PM with the grin of the Cheshire Cat on his face which to tell you the truth is no real surprise and after all it’s the next to last day of midwinter break. And therefore, wanting my teenage seven year old to sleep in (Grandma, too), little brother and I ventured over the hill into downtown to spend a few hours at Pike Place Market.

Oliver Fern devoured extra samples of an opal apple from a friendly fellow so I bought a couple out of a guilty conscience but was a little crestfallen when two separate, close-together times later I spied the friendly but also clumsy fellow accidentally drop big, juicy wedges (at $3.99/a pound) on the dirty sidewalk and scuff them under the stand like so many garden variety orange peels. We walked up and down the Main and North Arcades a handful of times without much ado. Oliver did panic momentarily when I pushed him toward the giant lobster tails from Mexico just to see what would happen. Looped around Downunder for several circuits. Watched one of the fishmongers dump an enormous block of ice out on the cobblestones of Pike Place and we decided it was an important job for us to crunch it up with our feet. Finally called the Market quits close to noon and hopped on a #43 back to the house, where we found Grandma sewing up a storm and Adam trying to wrap up the fifth installment of Harry Potter.

I couldn’t decide which image I preferred, here. They’re two different exposures from a Nikkor 24-70. Street photography is a form I’ve badly been wanting to explore but I’m naturally conspicuous like a not-very interesting circus freak and so I have a frustrating tendency to arouse suspicion or curiosity. Add a two year old sidekick into the mix and I’m the equivalent of a blinking neon sign on the Las Vegas strip. Still, I try and i hope viewers will find value in one of these. For me, buskers are one of the endearing features of the environment at Pike Place Market…..

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