silver snags on cub peak

This is an image I shot a little more than a month ago, it’s a scene from the mountainous Olympic Peninsula (on the other side of the water from Seattle). I’ve gotten oddly attached to this picture for some reason. The lighting was disappointingly flat, but I took it as an invitation to slow down and experiment in the backcountry at leisure. First, it was a fairly strenuous walk getting up here. Relatively short distance-wise but thousands of feet of elevation gain. I started out an hour before sunrise to give myself a fighting chance. It was very quiet and serene at an iced-over subalpine lake a short distance below this point.

I felt inclined to post a monochrome tonight because the boys and I spent the evening amidst an explosion of color on the University of Washington campus, a couple miles down the hill from our neighborhood. The Sakura cherry blossoms are peaking and I wanted us to visit before the weekend because there’s possibly some serious rain coming tomorrow night. We rode the bus down to campus, which was abuzz with cherry blossom fever and the boys had quite a fun time, though they drove me a little batty because half the evening they were throwing each other to the ground in such comic fashion as to draw an embarrassing amount of attention and laughter from passerbys. I did do some shooting and I think I got a handful of keepers, but the same thing happened that always does. It was just fun to be here and observe. Well, you know the story: We stayed too dang long and Oliver turned into an overtired rabid wild animal on the rampage. We didn’t get home until almost seven o’clock. Dinner was a race against time.

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