pacific northwest mediterranean

I’ve always really liked this 1916 foursquare on our street, just up the hill a little ways. I think it’s the combination of the big cedar and lanky vine maple. And then the stucco all over the house, which is kind of unusual. Stucco on the upper or lower half of a bungalow or foursquare in seattle is not uncommon but all over like this is a bit different. It reminds me of a house you might see perched in the treetops of a hillside mediterranean village. I grew up with five brothers and sisters in a 1970s matchbox and space was at a premium. My grandparents’ farmhouse next door to us had a bad fire before I was born and stood vacant throughout my childhood (grandma and grandpa moved themselves into a little trailer down the hill from the old house) and I spent years fantasizing about fixing it up myself so we could move into it and I’d have my own room, haha! At any rate, a couple families live in this foursquare, including a little baby. I used to shortcut through the side-yard of the place to get to my bus faster, the house was vacant for a period. My time-shaving stopped after some new people moved in.

Well, I got my wish. Sunday was just wet as all get-out. We set a record in the city with an inch and a half of rain- the day is not even over. Made it to Pike Place Market with Oliver. Nah, there isn’t really a point to this post. But that’s exactly what makes rainy weekends so nice, if you get my drift.

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