you may be able to stop one or two waves but an entire ocean is something different

Last night I was pondering Adam’s upcoming Spring holiday from grade school and I reflected about our last visit to the Pacific coast, logical therein because we’ve decided to return there next month for part of the school break. I thought to myself about various things and sub-things and a light bulb in the gray-shaded sidebar of my brain clicked on that I should share a picture from last time to the coast. And so, tonight’s image is Adam bracing himself for the next wave of flooshing-whooshing foam and broken sand dollars.

The stop-action here is refreshing to me, it’s certainly a departure from my usual preference for longer exposures on the water. I shot a super-nice series from here before the mesmerizing low frequency of backwash was interrupted by the piercing screeches (always) of Littlest Brother, who in his attempt to join us at all costs, had been soundly knocked over by the unfeeling brute force of the Pacific Ocean and forced to gulp several mouthfuls of salty water, hahaha!

This morning Adam got his first tardy of the year, doggone it all. First, after getting up early I lay back down and fell asleep (woke up with twenty minutes before the first bell). Then, Adam was groggy as heck from staying up late to read (we keep trying to crack down on him, but he’s sneaky as a fox all the way upstairs). Finally, we were hamstrung by Littlest Brother sleeping in (i didn’t want to wake him because he has an awful cold virus starting since yesterday). The boys’ mom left for work at an ungodly early hour, leaving Adam and I no choice but to toast extra bread and drink more juice. What caught me off guard the most was at the school office. Adam got his tardy slip…… and notoriously Grouchy School Secretary was sweet and nice to us. However, it was also 2 hour early dismissal day.

9 thoughts on “you may be able to stop one or two waves but an entire ocean is something different

    • Hi Valarie. My youngest and I were in your neck of the woods this morning. We paid a visit to the library in Wedgwood because my son Adam had put a hold on some books up there last weekend. You’re lucky, that’s a super nice branch (I feel). A great children’s section.

  1. Love the “light bulb in the gray-shaded sidebar of my brain” and “the mesmerizing low frequency of backwash” almost as much as I love the gorgeous image of Adam.:) You do realize you are a gifted writer, don’t you, Jason? (Don’t answer that in the negative or I might have to hurt you, big oaf or not.) I had to laugh at the reason for his tardiness. Been there, done that and it makes for some great memory fodder.;-)

    • I can take a compliment, sort of! Thanks Roni. I might have been gifted or had some kind of potential twenty years ago. But now I’m learning how to write, all over again. If you can lecture me about how it’s never too late, I’d appreciate it, hahaha!

      And about that banner- I prefer it in color, too! What I occasionally do is switch it to b/w depending on how colorful an image I’ve shared in my latest post. So as to avoid any undue clashing. If that’s not anal retentiveness, I really don’t know what qualifies.

      • I could use that lecture myself actually and find that your thoughts resonate, more often than not. I think that’s why your humor is so refreshing and welcome. I actually love that you care about the clashing too. I do that myself, brutha! Weird, huh?:) Have a great week.

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