channel surfing at emerald city comicon

Last weekend was Emerald City Comicon. Adam skipped school Friday so he and I could enjoy the relatively mellower first day of the convention, together. That first day yields the luxury of being able to admire a lot of fascinating work more closely without playing bottleneck-and-bumper cars with everyone else, you can also meet and talk with artists on a more personal basis. But then again, there’s part of me that loves the boisterousness of the weekend when the suffocating corset of humanity is counterbalanced by wonderful weirdness.

Comicon is such an interesting and enjoyable event for me that even though I’ve never gotten what I would consider a signature image from the convention, I believe it would be a major mistake to not take my camera (a decision not taken lightly these days now that a bulky L-bracket is more or less permanently attached to my D700 because of a infuriatingly stripped screw). I’ve never been an overeager deck-swabber who goes bananas jackhammering through a half dozen memory cards but I have to admit such high-volume methodology could yield advantages someplace like comicon where the action is frequently right on top of you. And I don’t want to just hang around places like the Cospitality Lounge where you’re guaranteed a look at some of the thrillingest costumery and playfulness- because invariably everybody ends up hamming it up in front of a garbage can or drinking fountain for the adoring crowds (including me) and that’s just not what I have in mind. My major stumbling block the past few years is I can’t divert attention from Adam for very long because he’d likely get swept away in the whitewater of convention-goers, a nightmare scenario. So it’s mostly luck and chance during our conventioneering.

This was one of my first decent shots, from Saturday morning when we were arriving for the day. I like it mostly because it personifies the grand dilemma facing the comicon generalist: So many cool things, but what the heck to do and where to begin?  And that’s where the 3-day pass comes into play, haha! At any rate…. one could legitimately argue you don’t have to actually attend comicon to do some satisfying shooting of it. You can simply hang out downtown along Pike and Pine when everyone from Imperial stormtroopers to Commander Riker is strolling past the Metro bus stop like they’re on their way to a power lunch. But that wouldn’t be sporting, would it old Clyde boy?

One thought on “channel surfing at emerald city comicon

  1. “But then again, there’s part of me that loves the boisterousness of the weekend when the suffocating corset of humanity is counterbalanced by wonderful weirdness.”

    Reading you is like savoring a delicious meal. I so dig your wonderful weirdness. Truly. And that image is too cool!

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