false lily of the valley

This is an upward-growing patch of False Lily of the Valley (May Lily) in the woods along the Sauk River. Earlier in the day I had taken a few close-ups of the little crevice to the right. I couldn’t help stopping again for this pretty, spare display. I’ve thought about planting some of these along the edge of our back porch.

I haven’t added a lot of new things to our garden this Spring but I’m tickled about tending a brand-new cluster of Black-Eyed Susans I just put in the upper end of our hell strip. I’ve always wanted Black-Eyed Susans but a long time ago we had tons of asters and I think that burned me out on coneflowers. I’d like to add more over time to replace multiple patches of Shasta Daisies, mine are the tall variety that are breathtaking and inspiring early in the Summer but deteriorate into droopy, scraggly flop-hounds if you put them in the wrong places (like I have). I’ve sprinkled dried, ground-up Shasta Daisy flower-heads on bare ground a few years in a row just to see what would happen (what happens is they’re all over the place). Their floppiness gives me a headache, but I love how they’ve colonized some tough, dry ground. In between flowering I like the way the foliage sheets the ground with dark green……I cross my fingers and hope they don’t turn into a salad bar for the snails and slugs.

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