vintage aura at pike place market

This scene had enormous potential if I’d been sharper on the uptake (like getting closer-and-lower to block out the shiny newer auto in the background) but at this point I was just plain tuckered out after a long morning of walking and shooting around the city. My feet hurt pretty bad and all I wanted to do was catch a bus home. As I shot this I was simultaneously thinking something along the lines of gee whiz, i wish i had a talented bone in my body but i’m so tired i don’t give a heap of salmon dung. Hopefully this monochrome captures the spirit of what I was imagining myself accomplishing in a parallel universe where I possess actual photographic skill. Such problems aside, I loved how the cobblestones and old Beetle together gave this classic Market scene a vintage aura. It just occurred to me perhaps I like this scene so much because we have an old watercolor of this exact street-scape, I found the painting years ago in a University District secondhand store. It hangs on the wall in our kitchen.Speaking of which: I’m beginning the search for an old-model beater car for Adam and I to work on together as a project. And I’ve given more thought as to getting a Bug. They’re mechanically simple, compact (one would fit well toward the back of our driveway) and since it’ll be sitting mostly dormant in view of our front porch, it’d be nice to have something with a little character. Our neighborhood could use a junk car (vintage aura) and our driveway is the perfect candidate since I’m probably the least upwardly-mobile person in a couple block radius. I’m also the least mechanically-inclined person of anyone I know so yes in fact I have given some thought as to whether or not this is all such a good idea. To answer that, I figure after nine-or-so years, Adam will be so desperate for a set of wheels that he’ll solve the potential problem of the thing just sitting there and not going anywhere. And he’s so smart, by that time he’ll probably be able to do something like convert the Bug into a simple wind-up electric car. Do you follow me?

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