discovery park -2.2

Adam ran ahead and found this derelict sailboat on Elliott Bay at -2.2 and I think he was just about on top of the world. School was cancelled yesterday so we participated in an experiential seminar at the University of Discovery Park. Went down the Giant John trail (Oliver Fern mostly butt-scooted down the steep sand) and schlepped through gooey clay, barnacles and geoduck squirts to the Perkins Lane Ruins. This vessel has been forlornly bobbing offshore from the Ruins for the past two weeks. Adam wanted to play aboard, I vetoed the idea since the cabin smelled like landfill and cooked drugs. Adam likes exploring the Ruins and I gave him plenty of breathing room while Oliver Fern and I partook of lunch. Before we left, Adam found an enormous kelp isopod….. i’m proud of him for not being squeamish about creepy crawlies (i almost had a heart attack when I saw the thing). Back at the bottom of the south bluffs, Adam singlehandedly orchestrated a genius desensitization path for Oliver to overcome his fear of little crabs. I was drowsily beached on some gnarled driftwood when little brother came running and proudly showed me the dainty crab in the palm of his hand (dead from vice grip). I moved the thing around for dramatic effect and we gave it a home in some damp seaweed and rock so it could grow up to do big things in the Puget Sound food chain. The boys and I played frisbee at Volunteer Park, tonight. Adam is getting better at throwing and he’s not bad even when you don’t count his lucky catches. Oliver spent most of his time whipping the royal blue Frisbee Golf Association-certified Distance Driver disc (The Beast) we found at Discovery Park…….

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