we’re number one!

Adam and I attended the Mariners baseball game this afternoon. After I purchased the requisite game program he asked if we could also obtain a foam We’re Number One! Mariners finger and I told him no. Right after Taijuan Walker gave up a home run in the fourth inning, he (Adam, not Taijuan Walker) asked if we could have cotton candy and I told him no. In the fifth inning, he asked if I could shorten the straps on the binoculars and I said yes. In the sixth inning, he asked me if I could hold his baseball cap because it was making his head hot and I said yes. After the game, in the Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, he asked if he could be a junior ranger and I said yes. Shortly thereafter we were making our way out of Pioneer Square when he asked me if he could climb on the orange metal sculpture roughly kitty corner from the Smith Tower and I said yes but then I said absolutely no when I saw that soiled underwear lay at the base of the installation. In the Central Library he asked me if we could check out books about silicon, aluminum, oxygen and how to be a superhero and I said yes. On the way out of the Central Library I asked him if he had fun today and he squeezed my hand three times, which in our family means i love you. This is a recent day-time, twenty second exposure of an offshore monolith on the Oregon coast and its We’re Number One! foam finger. I used a ten stop neutral density filter to produce this effect.

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