classic Rockies afternoon thunderstorm preparing to unleash the fury of mother nature (near the continental divide)

There’s ferocious thunder in Seattle this afternoon, and lightning. Best of all, there’s lots of rain (real bite) with this storminess. My garden just might pull through our Death Valleyish summer. And that’s my opening for this image, taken near the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains of Montana (closer to Butte than Bozeman).

These were some of the darkest storm clouds I’ve ever seen and the effect was magnified because we were in the sun. I’m glad I have the fencerow in the foreground as proof I wasn’t fiendishly overzealous with my editing. This was taken with a 16-35 Nikkor. Immediately following the taking of this picture, the sun disappeared and it got scary and I got the heck outta there. Poking around in abandoned mines is one thing, wandering outside in the middle of an electrical storm while standing (taller than most anything else for a mile around) next to a barbed wire fence is something entirely different.

6 thoughts on “classic Rockies afternoon thunderstorm preparing to unleash the fury of mother nature (near the continental divide)

  1. Nice photo, TR! Today was a GREAT day in Seattle! Rain has never been more beautiful, and so needed!! You could almost hear the trees sighing in relief, and the songs of our dying salmon, who were being spared with every drop that fell into the rivers and streams. It appears from the forecast that we’re heading back to the 90’s, but here’s to milder temperatures and much-needed rain… hopefully, very soon!

    • Thanks, Shari. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved for a rainy, rainy day. I love summer but I’m looking forward to autumn (truth be told, my personal favorite season) just so I can feel the occasional raindrop on my head.

  2. Love the image and the thoughts TF. Black and White is an art, and you are an artist! I lived in E. Oregon for a while and the feeling of the photo brings my mind back there. I can almost smell the ozone!

    • I’m so glad you visited Ilona, and thank you for the very kind words. I always hope that certain images that I share can transcend just the personal and be something more to other people. I really appreciate hearing your particular association with this scene!

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