on a windstormy weekend in which we pulled prodigious piles of buttercup and stinky bob for the betterment of The Magic Forest, partook in blossom zaniness at the Quad and felt the wind blast through us on Alki

The boys and I spent last Saturday morning helping out on a work party in a nearby beloved greenbelt (The Magic Forest where Oliver Fern likes to go hunting for fairies) in our neighborhood that was also the location of a large downed tree which earlier that week slashed electricity to homes and businesses in the neighborhood, having ripped asunder numerous power lines like spaghetti, not to mention it blocked part of the Lake Washington Bike Route and so resulted in the severe disruption of traffic patterns in Madison Valley (Adam’s school bus never showed up). The hillside in The Magic Forest was ridiculously saturated from recent downpours so it’s a wonder the whole dang forest didn’t fall down like dominoes. We were a dirty little band after pulling buttercup and stinky bob in the squelching, sucking mud.

Later in the day we made our way down to campus (the University of Washington) to partake in the annual ritual observance of zaniness which results from the eruption of cherry blossoms which draws the citizenry like moths to flame. The blossoms sure are early this season! I didn’t get a single darn picture of the prettiness itself on account of the gloominess and a general sense of disdain for the depressingly ubiquitous number of selfie-sticks present in one central location but at least I can offer to my loyal readers a look at the single missing red block in Red Square (no, not that Red Square) which I prostrated myself on elbows and knees, to document. It was quite a rain shower so I satisfied myself with just shooting wide open and hoped nobody would trip over me. Wouldn’t you know the reflective, gold wash of sun from Suzzallo’s giant windows was eight hours of light condensed into ten seconds yet I shot this knowing a black and white monochrome was what I really wanted.

I’ve always been fascinated by sprawling Red Square from a photography perspective yet also rather stymied by it but I liked the shot above, enough to share.  In case you’re wondering, the Nikkor lens I used for this is a good performer. The lens fall-off is something I added on the corners- ordinarily I’ll shy away from vignetting because although I distinctly enjoy the effect I always get that nagging feeling I’m somehow compensating for a “not quite good enough” image. But shoot, I just like it here. I reserve the right to change it back later. Probably I won’t. Or probably I might. Note: I changed it back.

Out of a billion bricks in Red Square, here was a missing one. I’d only taken a handful of pictures before a small clique of puzzled international students gathered respectfully behind me. Clearly, they were imagining I was the village idiot-type but I appreciated they were still doing their best to see things from my point of view before heading off to the lab to solve real mysteries. Meanwhile, my family had long since abandoned me and so they missed out when sunshine pin-balled through the raindrops in a trillion zig-zags and reflected off Suzzallo in the background (the boys didn’t miss out exactly, I found them splashing in a huge puddle below Drumheller Fountain). The reflection of light off the bricks was dazzling. At any rate, the collegiate gothic structure here is one of the revered landmarks on campus and serves as the central library for the university.

We capped Sunday off with a long walk at Alki Beach. That venture was principally for observing the windstorm that was blasting the city everywhere else, I thought for sure Elliott Bay would be a great spectacle of frothiness but it turned out to be just sort of, I dunno really….. very wavy? Nonetheless, it was a lovely walk and I got some rad pictures of Oliver Fern doing silly stuff.

4 thoughts on “on a windstormy weekend in which we pulled prodigious piles of buttercup and stinky bob for the betterment of The Magic Forest, partook in blossom zaniness at the Quad and felt the wind blast through us on Alki

  1. Awesome! Don’t change the photo — the shimmering light really sets off the dark square of missing brick. And your explanations are so clear — anyone who reads this can understand where you were and what that building is in the background, as you identified it. The only thing I don’t understand is why you went outside on Sunday’s windstorm! arghh! At least you were at the beach which is a place clear of potentially-falling trees.

    • Rest assured, Valarie……. our visit to Alki was most definitely tactically-motivated. Thank you for reading through this one, I thought of you when I was writing about Suzzallo. I was thinking to myself that I was almost positive you’ve mentioned going there for research sometime in the not too distant past.

  2. I still think the best images come from being on one’s knees. And what a metaphor… doing that in the rain. I love this photograph, Jason. It’s the kind one truly lingers over, and I have. And will again. And I am SO going to look for a way to use “depressingly ubiquitous” in a sentence this week. And and and…. have a great week.

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