falling down (star armadillidiidae)

Half-awake on Monday morning it was that I plum missed a dark purple step, pitching several stairs down for earthfall to the unforgivingly wooden landing (not unlike a catapulted manatee, also referred to as the sea cow). Summoned downstairs because little brother was taking up lots of space with the infamous Underwear Cha-cha-chá (supposed to be brushing teeth, dressing hair, combing clothes and so on and so forth) and as such gingerly making my way by Braille, the big toe on the left foot misinterpreted the elongated crack which runs from the base of the fifth riser to the raised, coppery-smooth nail.  Wrong nail. Remarkably, no bones were broken as I would self-arrest into classic Armadillidiidae. Cha-cha-chá.

postscript:  A week and nine days have passed since I wrote this. That’s endless news cycles, shutter actuations, inspirational moments and light years away.  When you finish reading this I’ll have written something else. 

8 thoughts on “falling down (star armadillidiidae)

  1. Hallo T-Fir, I plum appreciate your non- purple prose, sorry you flatlined the flying manatee, would’ve been a sight, but happy to read this mishap, or rather, sorry to hear you took a fall, but enjoyed the post. Armadillo survival powers sound awesome.

    • Write what you know and I know about falling down at home even though I was coming down the stairs in the dark like always. Just be glad you had crampons on that towering South American volcano or you would’ve found yourself in the same pickle but with a far longer and more interesting story to weave. Hope you’re doing well, Robert. Thanks for taking a peek.

  2. OH NOOOO!! I hope you weren’t injured, and that nothing on your body ended up the same color as that traitorous purple step. (Wishing no such fate for a real manatee, I did love the mental picture of an imaginary catapulted sea-cow, though.) Well. I’ll be eager to get the all-clear on your structural soundness … and equally eager to read what comes next.

      • At least clobbering yourself in a shopping cart has an element of humor I suppose (and who among us HASN’T taken a fateful ride down a hill in a shopping cart before breakfast?). Hope you’re back to 100% by now.

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