tiny not so little things

This frame is from two years ago, my oldest is a lot taller now and getting lankier by the minute. As of last month, he has by far the longest hair in the family (finally took the plunge and cut all of mine off and it has not been entirely painless, such as when big sis told me now I look like someone from Radiohead). He wears a denim jacket and likes to tuck his blue jeans into his cowboy boots except for those days he has Physical Education, then he wears his smelly red sneakers. Every morning when the bus comes over the crest of the hill we hug and I say goodbye, I love you. I’ve spent a lot of time this week contemplating the fragility of life.

August 2017 - Grand Ridge-177

2 thoughts on “tiny not so little things

  1. I liked this. I was nodding along at the last line. Perhaps it’s November, long nights, little light in our rain shadow, that makes us feel so tenuous. I don’t know. I spent the short afternoon raking leaves until I was warm again.

    • Our yard is so small I just pick big bunches of leaves up, by hand or with my rusty metal pail (i try not to let the neighbors see me doing this because I think we can agree anyone who picks leaves up by hand is just a little…. off). The leaves end up in the rust garden in the back where I distribute them wherever I might be liking to take pictures sometime soon, particularly around the hearth.

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